Friday, January 8, 2010

A good look 1983

B.B.& Q. (Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens) Band - Six Millions Times (1983)
"Six Million Times I've called and you weren't home." "Where were you
six million times?" -- classic.

There is undeniable PRINCE influence / vibe on this.. Some vocorder electro type jams too. Lots of guitar solos on the jams, some filler reggae and ballads,
but the title cut and cover make it all worth it.

Attitude - Pump the Nation (1983)

Electro, Boogie, Funk, Disco, this one has it all, if you know the work of
the SYSTEM, you'll dig this, cause they produced the entire album. Its
basically those dudes with different singers. Again, couple of duds on the
B side, but the A side is great. Apparently, the title track was a Paradise Garage anthem in its day, its pretty goofy, but it grew on me.

The first in our series of Similar Looking (and good) Album Covers.