Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"The Thrush" and "Dirty Moves" available NOW at

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Chandeliers – The Thrush (CD/LP)
"Avant rock and electronics from Chicago's Chandeliers -- blending a world of influences into a unique vibe all their own! The sounds are playful without being cute and innovative without getting all cerebral on you -- a balance that pushes the group above and beyond many of their peers. A mix of live and electronic instrumentation, with nods to the Krautrock forbears, avant dancefloor sounds from the 80s to today and global psychedelia of many kinds."

Chandeliers – Dirty Moves (CD/LP)
"Dirty Moves and kaleidoscopic sounds from Chicago's Chandeliers -- who fearlessly blend influences that range from the nascent electronic experiments of the 60s & 70s, 70s art rock & Krautrock, raw Congotronics-esque percussion, laser guided 80s electro and more into an insistent and addictive sound all their own! The material was culled from group recordings made fom 2004-2008 and has a nicely raw, kind of instinctive feel to the movements. Very cool stuff!"